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Exhibits at the John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum

About Our Exhibits

The Powell Museum offers a variety of exhibits on the history and culture of Colorado Plateau.

Ron Larson

Featured Exhibit

“Vistas & Visions of the Colorado Plateau” by Ron Larson has been extended ough June 30, 2016, with over 15 new paintings! The last 12 months have been amazing. The Exhibit opened almost exactly a year ago, and Ron has been returning and introducing new paintings from new locations — usually two or three at a time throughout the year. The Colorado Plateau is a huge area, 130,000 square miles in four states, and Ron has made it his mission to find those unique places of stark and unusual beauty and translate them to canvas. Learn more...

Colorado River history. Learn about the life of Major John Wesley Powell and his expeditions down the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871. Also on display are chronicles of more recent Colorado River history, adventures, and tourism.

City of Page history. View photographs of Page’s beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s and listen to the voices of early residents. From the humble beginnings of a dam-construction site, a town was born. It continues to grow into a thriving multicultural base for visitors and local residents.

Geology and paleontology. Delight in the wonder of the ancient time of dinosaurs in our paleontology and geology displays. Examine specimens that were excavated near Page in the Grand Staircase ~ Escalante National Monument for a 90-million-year-old step back in time! Note that our new geology exhibit is now open!!

Cultural history. See art and artifacts from the time of the Anasazi-Hisatsinom through modern-day Native American cultures of the Colorado Plateau. Try your hand at grinding corn with the prehistoric metate (base) and mano (hand-held) stones.

“You cannot see the Grand Canyon in one view, as if it were a changeless spectacle from which a curtain might be lifted, but to see it you have to toil from month to month through its labyrinths.”

—John Wesley Powell

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