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Powell Museum reproduction policies

Reproduction Policies

Reproductions of collections materials depend on the condition, binding, size, and format of the requested item.

The collections staff evaluates the condition of the material for reproduction. At their discretion, the best method of reproduction is chosen including photocopies, scans, photographs, or off-site duplication if necessary. Off-site service estimates for all requests are generally available within a week following approval by collections staff. The time for completion of orders varies. All off-site orders must be prepaid in full. Postage and handling charges apply to all orders that must be shipped.

A permissions use application must be filled out and on file with the Museum. Permission for reproduction is granted only when the application is countersigned by an authorized representative of the Museum. Permission for reproduction is limited to the applicant and is nontransferable.

Permissions fees, if any, are determined on a case-by-case basis by the collections staff. All permissions are for one-time, nonexclusive use within the body of a specific publication. Reuse in a new edition is considered a separate use and may be subject to an additional fee. The Museum reserves the right to refuse reproduction of its holdings if it feels fulfillment of that order would be violating copyright law or other law.

Beyond the permission of the Museum, additional permissions may be required such as copyright, privacy, and/or owner of the original. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission to publish from the owner of copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author, or his/her transferees, heirs, legatees, or literary executors). The Museum will aid the applicant in contacting individuals pertaining by providing addresses, when available. However, the Museum does not warranty the accuracy of that information, and shall not be responsible for any inaccurate information.

For additional information, please contact the Museum’s Collection department: curator@powellmuseum.org.

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