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Information about Antelope Canyon photo tours

Upper Antelope Canyon Photography Tours

Spend 2 hours taking photographs in Upper Antelope Canyon.

You will have ample time to take photographs and explore the canyon. The best light is at mid-day, but good photos can be taken at other times depending on the month. These tours last 2.5 hours (2 hours in the canyon plus driving time). They are not recommended for children. Children must be supervised by an adult in their group for their safety. We recommend that you bring these items:

  • Snacks and drinking water (at least 1 gallon per person during the summer)
  • Hats, sunscreen, sunshades, and comfortable shoes
  • A camera with adjustable settings to take timed exposures — hand-held or point-and-shoot cameras are not recommended
  • A tripod, extra memory cards and batteries, a remote or cable release for long exposures, and a small pen light to check your settings

Click here to see a schedule of all tours.

Ekis’ Antelope Canyon Adventures (11:30 am)

An experienced guide/driver will take you to the entrance of the canyon. Your guide can help you set up your equipment but this is not a photo workshop.

Meeting place: 22 South Lake Powell Boulevard

  Age Cost
Adults 13 and up $85
Children 8–12 $75
0–7 $67

Ekis’ also offers a split tour — you go out with the regular 9:30 am tour, return at about 11:00 am, and then go back out with the 11:30 am tour and return at about 1:00 pm.

Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours (10:15 am, 2:30 pm)

This Navajo-owned-and-operated company offers excursions to Antelope and other lesser-known canyons in the Antelope Wash drainage. Tripods welcome. Custom tours to other areas are available — please inquire.

Meeting place: Along Route 98 (directions provided when you reserve)

  Age Cost
Adults 12 and up $88
Children Not allowed

Reserve your tour of Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, or the Colorado River through the Powell Museum

Important Information for Professional Photographers

Are you planning to sell your photos of Antelope Canyon, Canyon X, Cardiac Canyon, Secret Canyon, the Fins at Waterholes Canyon, or anywhere else on the Navajo reservation? If so, you must obtain a commercial permit from the Navajo Nation Film Commission.

Be sure to apply for your permit at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled tour so you receive it in time. The permit application is available online at navajonationparks.org or you can call 928.871.6647 with questions.

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